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Welcome to OZDEZIGN English Springer Spaniel Kennels.

After many years of owning, exhibiting and doing both agility and obedience with German Shepherds, I decided I'd love to own either an English Springer Spaniel or an English Setter. The ESS won my heart. I had come from a family enviroment of show dogs, my mother had owned and or exhibited and bred German Shepherds, Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs.

My very first ESS came from "Equity" kennels and his bloodlines went back to the Cleavehill lines in the UK. Ace was Black & White and I was soon absolutely head over heels in love with the breed. I slept, ate, breathed everything I could get my hands on for ESS information and information on bloodlines.

After a couple of years I acquired another ESS, this time a lovely Liver & White girl called Sunny. Sunny was from Springbow kennels. Sunny did very well in the showring and gave me my first Ozdezign babies. I kept a son, Indy, from her first litter and he also did well in the showring and was a wonderful family dog at home also. A couple more were run on but rehomed in forever homes. I still had a couple of GSD's and was attending obedience with my ESS as well, which proved to be both exciting and a whole different experience to train. Ace and I were often the comedy relief. The birds that frequented the obedience grounds were always my nemisis.

After approximately a 7 year break from all dog sports with now aged and some having passed over or been rehomed, my new husband bought me a little Black & White girl from Fraelighte kennels to stop my heart bleeding. Crystal was to become the foundation bitch to the new Ozdezign kennels and she too was shown to her Australian Championship title. Crystal had two litters for us to which we kept 2 puppies from her first litter, Ozdezign Storm Rising and Ozdezign Storm of Gold who both did very well in the showring at both Allbreeds level and Specialty. Another pup was sold to a lovely show home and gave his young handler at the time the thrill of a Best in Show win. He was returned to us and was to become the pin up boy here at Ozdezign, Multi Best in Show, Multi Runner up Best in Show, Runner up in Specialty Show and Multi Group and RU in Group winner Australian Champion Ozdezign Storm Edition aka Marlin. Crystal was to have one more litter for us which gave us the beautiful Roxy, Aust & Neuter Champion Ozdezign Thunda Rox Oz and Rumour, Aust CH Ozdezign Thunda Burnz, who we sadly lost to a snakebite.

We still own our lovely old boy Multi Best In Show winner Australian Champion Kaetamy Golden Shadow  aka Boz and he is happily retired here at Ozdezign. Crystal was rehomed with the wonderful lady who had owned her mother after she too retired from the showring and now enjoys days laying in the sun and doing whatever pleases her.

We have been fortunate to since include some beautiful Black & Whites in our breeding program and many Ozdezign Champions have since graced the showrings. We look forward to many more years of breeding and exhibiting quality ESS for showrings and those looking for special family additions, obedience companions, hunting companions, field trialling companions and the many more dog sports our ESS are capable of being part of.

All of our Ozdezign babies are in the best of family homes and we love seeing the many photos sent to us of Ozdezign ESS just doing what they do best and giving all their love and enjoyment to their families.



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